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Welcome to the MKII version of this website. It was a long time coming.

About Me

Who I am, even I do not know. I am but an enigma that exists to contain useless knowledge about video games, music and perhaps other things. Maybe you will find what is contained here interesting, maybe you will find me a freak with too much time.

I have a YouTube channel that I very infrequently make videos on. Chances are you found this site through that. If you need a link back to there, look to the right of the page here for that among other links.

On this site, you will find a collection of various items. A heavily self-curated selection of "art" I have made throughout my life, other random creative ventures that fit within Neocities' free limitations, and reviews, thoughts, or opinions on some of my favorite pieces of media. The buttons below are for those navigation purposes.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions on changes I should make to my website to make it more accessible, please contact me through any of the methods available to you to let me know. I will get back as soon as I am able to.

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